T56 Transmission Bellhousing Info

T56 Bellhousing

There are a few different T56 bellhousing types available. The proper choice for your application will vary based on your exact application. the model you need will be different based on the engine you are using as well as if you are racing your car which will require a blowproof bellhousing. If you do not already have a vehicle with a complete T56 based drive train, then finding the correct bellhousing will be a major part of your transmission swap. This article will include information and specifications to help find the correct item, as well as some ideas on how to find the best deal.

The T56 trans has been used in many OEM applications by manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and others. There are also beefed up aftermarket heavy duty models, as well as specialized racing versions of the transmission.

T56 Bellhousing Models and Specifications

The following are some of the T-56 bellhousing models you are most likely to come across while shopping for one to install in your vehicle. If you are doing a transmission swap make sure the bellhousing you are considering purchasing will mate up with the engine you plan on running in your project.

- Tremec T-56 LS Aluminum bell housing: This model of T56 bell housing is compatible with the widest variety of popular applications such as Mustang and Chevy. Each different manufacturers engine requires a unique bellhousing to fit that particular engine and trans package. These are the OEM type bellhousing most commonly found in junkyards, at swap meets and for sale as used items on the internet on Ebay and similar websites.

- Tremec LS Series Magnum T-56 housing: This version has been specially built to work with the heavy duty Magnum T56 transmission. If you are buying new, it is easiest to purchase this at the same time you get the trans to make sure everything mates up properly. There are some used Magnum bellhousings available, but they are not nearly as easily found as the standard models.

Aftermarket High Performance and T56 Racing Bellhousings and Scattershields

In addition to the above OEM and aftermarket T56 bellhousings there are also models built specifically for racing use. The majority of racing sanctioning bodies require a SFI certified blow proof T56 scattershield to be used on vehicles used in competition. SFI approved parts are made of particular materials and to certain specifications to protect the driver, vehicle and bystanders in case of a clutch of flywheel explosion. SFI approved bells usually also come with a block plate. The block plate is installed between the engine block and the flywheel. Used SFI spec parts can usually be re-certified for a fee once the date shown on the acceptance decal has passed.

If any model bellhousing is involved in any type of flywheel or clutch explosion, it must be replaced.

- SFI Steel Bell housings are available for Dodge, Ford and General Motors applications.

Where to find a T56 Bellhousing

The internet can be a great marketplace to find and buy a T56 bellhousing if you are looking for affordability and variety. There are hundreds of online stores including eBay that sell T56 bell housing models at reduced prices compared to local automobile shops. In comparison to other online stores, eBay is one of the most reliable and reputable online stores from which you can purchase from as it has a proven track record and is used by millions of consumers from all over the world to make their purchases. You can find both new and used models on the net. In addition to Ebay there are many other online stores that stock and sell a variety of T56 bell housings. However, before making your purchase, make certain that the online store:

- Is reputable: It is important that the online store from which you are making your purchase from is reputable. This information can be obtained by reading some of the comments and feedbacks left by previous consumers.

- Offers return policy on sold goods. There are instances whereby the T56 bellhousing delivered is not the one you had initially ordered. To safeguard yourself against losses in such scenarios, it is important that the online store offers a return policy on the goods sold.

- Shipping charges: is the shipping cost included in the final sale price? Unknown to a number of consumers is that the shipping charges are usually excluded from the sales price. Moreover, the shipping charges will hinge on several factors such as destination and courier service used. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm the shipping charges prior to making a decision on the online store from which to buy your T56 bell housing from.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have additional information, tips or corrections you would like to have us included regarding a T56 Bellhousing please post a comment.

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