Best T56 Transmission Site?

Welcome to T56 Transmission .com, a site for everything related to this magnificent manual transmission. I have always been a huge fan of stick shift cars and have drag raced manual trans cars in NHRA stock eliminator and owned may different manual trans equipped street cars. To me, driving a manual trans car is just so much more enjoyable than one with an automatic trans. Do not get me wrong, automatic transmission have come a long way, but to me, they are still just not as much fun.

Which brings me to the point of this site. If you enjoy shifting gears for yourself, then the more gears you have available, the better! The T56 is a fantastic transmission and loads of fun. When I started looking for information about the trans on the Internet I was turned off by website after site that was poorly written and usually not helpful at all. Most of the sites look they were written by someone that did not know the difference in a shift fork and a salad fork. That frustration led me to start this website and try to provide a site that was actually helpful and enjoyable for the T56 community.

I hope to post helpful information from those just getting their first high performance stick shift car, as well as having more in depth tech and performance and racing upgrade info to help the seasoned pro.  Please feel free to leave suggestions on T56 trans topics to cover and I will do my best to post responses as quickly as possible.

In the near future, there will also be a forum added for even greater sharing of information on this great transmission. Thank you for visiting and please visit our homepage as we build the Best T56 Transmission Website on the net.

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