H Beam Steel Connecting Rods

It does no good to have a super strong transmission if your engine is not built with a strong rotating assembly. Any high performance engine puts tremendous loads on the rotating assembly and especially the connecting rods.

Over the years we have tried many different connecting rod sets in a large variety of applications. There are only 2 manufacturers rods that we currently use and recommend. They are Molnar Technologies connecting rods and CP Carrillo rods.

Each of these companies offers top quality high performance and racing connecting rods and they also have rod sets for a huge variety of engines, automotive, marine, motorcycle, dirt bikes, atvs, jet skis, snowmobiles and more.

The next time you are planning a performance engine project, check them out and I think you will find they are worthy of your consideration.

6 Speed T56 Trans Swap

T56 Swap Tips

The T56 6 speed manual transmission is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The popularity of this trans has led to many different models, improvements and aftermarket hop up parts. This trans is now available new as well as used and it has many features that make it an ideal choice for use when swapping out an automatic transmission in favor of a manual trans.

Why a T56 Transmission Swap?

There are many reasons for changing out an automatic trans in favor of a manual. People often cite things like better fuel economy, simpler installation, no need for external coolers and lines, racing use but most importantly the fun factor! While modern automatic transmission have made huge strides in performance there is still nothing like having full control of the transmission yourself. Once the basic skills of shifting and clutch operation are learned, driving with a manual trans is quite fun and with the T56 having 6 speeds instead of the more common 4 and 5 speeds, it is even more fun. It also has the advantage of better fuel economy and higher top end so there are many great reasons for doing a T56 swap.

Improved acceleration is another very important benefit of the T56 as the 2 overdrive gears allow you to run a much steeper rear end gear yet still get good highway mileage while cruising and higher top speed when the engine has enough power to pull the overdrive gears at higher engine rpms. Typical 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions have a 1-1 high gear ratio, so for each revolution of the engine, there is one revolution of the driveshaft. Overdrive refers to the output shaft of the transmission as being “overdriven” in relation to the input shaft. An example is if you have a .86 to 1 overdrive gear, when the engine is turning 5000 rpms, the output shaft of the trans, and hence the driveshaft is actually turning at 5700 rpms. This allows more vehicle speed in relation to engine speed which is where the fuel economy benefits come into play when cruising. Using that same logic, you can see how you can attain higher vehicle top end speeds with overdrive, but an important factor to take into account in that situation is that the engine has to work harder in order to “pull” the overdrive gears since the engine is seeing a higher load than in a 1 to 1 drive ratio situation.

One example of this, in a production car application, is the Dodge Viper. The 488 cubic inch V10 engine has plenty of torque and horsepower to work with. In a highway cruising application ( at posted speed limits of course), the 6th gear overdrive of the T56 allows the engine to spin at low rpms and provide greatly improved fuel economy compared to if you only had a 1-1 fourth gear to work with. At the other end of the driving experience though, since the V10 has plenty of power, it has the ability to take advantage of the overdrive gears to take the Viper to very impressive top end speeds when used on race tracks and other closed course competitions.

Potential T56 Trans Swap Projects

There are few limits on the type of vehicle that can benefit from swapping to a T56 model transmission. If you are starting with a vehicle that is already set up for a manual transmission, the job may be a bit easier but even if when the project is a vehicle originally equipped with an automatic transmission, the job can still be accomplished by most anyone with the desire, tools and some basic mechanical skills. If you do not want to perform the change over yourself, there are many shops that can handle the work for you.

Some things to consider in addition to the T56 6 speed transmission itself are the bellhousing, clutch assembly, clutch pedal and related linkage, flywheel, shifter, transmission cross member, driveshaft and the front yoke of the driveshaft. Another item that is often overlooked until it causes a problem, is the pilot area in the back of the crankshaft. you need to make sure that the back of your crankshaft is properly machined to accept the pilot shaft of the trans and also make sure a pilot bearing is installed. There are crankshafts that have been installed in cars that are intended only for use with an automatic transmission so are not machined from the factory to allow the input shaft or a pilot bearing to be used. Most aftermarket cranks have the ability to use either an automatic or manual trans, but always check the crank very early in the project.

The major parts of any transmission are heavy so please always practice good safety procedures, use solid stands or a lift to hold the vehicle and use hydraulic jacks to handle the weight of the transmission assembly in particular. It is best to perform this work with at least one person to help you due to the size and weight of these items.

T56 Swap Benefits Summary

  • Lighter weight, less rotating mass, greater torque handling in most cases
  • Better fuel economy
  • Ability to run lower rear end gear ratios for better acceleration, but still get good mpg and top end due to the 2 overdrive gears
  • Easier maintenance
  • Great flexibility, different transmission models, gear ratios and many aftermarket parts available

In closing, while it takes a good bit of work, a T56 swap can be accomplished by most anyone with the desire to do. The many benefits are well worth the investment in time and money and the resulting fun factor is off the charts. A separate article on T56 conversion kit information will be posted in the near future so stay tuned.

T56 Transmission Bellhousing Info

T56 Bellhousing

There are a few different T56 bellhousing types available. The proper choice for your application will vary based on your exact application. the model you need will be different based on the engine you are using as well as if you are racing your car which will require a blowproof bellhousing. If you do not already have a vehicle with a complete T56 based drive train, then finding the correct bellhousing will be a major part of your transmission swap. This article will include information and specifications to help find the correct item, as well as some ideas on how to find the best deal.

The T56 trans has been used in many OEM applications by manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and others. There are also beefed up aftermarket heavy duty models, as well as specialized racing versions of the transmission.

T56 Bellhousing Models and Specifications

The following are some of the T-56 bellhousing models you are most likely to come across while shopping for one to install in your vehicle. If you are doing a transmission swap make sure the bellhousing you are considering purchasing will mate up with the engine you plan on running in your project.

- Tremec T-56 LS Aluminum bell housing: This model of T56 bell housing is compatible with the widest variety of popular applications such as Mustang and Chevy. Each different manufacturers engine requires a unique bellhousing to fit that particular engine and trans package. These are the OEM type bellhousing most commonly found in junkyards, at swap meets and for sale as used items on the internet on Ebay and similar websites.

- Tremec LS Series Magnum T-56 housing: This version has been specially built to work with the heavy duty Magnum T56 transmission. If you are buying new, it is easiest to purchase this at the same time you get the trans to make sure everything mates up properly. There are some used Magnum bellhousings available, but they are not nearly as easily found as the standard models.

Aftermarket High Performance and T56 Racing Bellhousings and Scattershields

In addition to the above OEM and aftermarket T56 bellhousings there are also models built specifically for racing use. The majority of racing sanctioning bodies require a SFI certified blow proof T56 scattershield to be used on vehicles used in competition. SFI approved parts are made of particular materials and to certain specifications to protect the driver, vehicle and bystanders in case of a clutch of flywheel explosion. SFI approved bells usually also come with a block plate. The block plate is installed between the engine block and the flywheel. Used SFI spec parts can usually be re-certified for a fee once the date shown on the acceptance decal has passed.

If any model bellhousing is involved in any type of flywheel or clutch explosion, it must be replaced.

- SFI Steel Bell housings are available for Dodge, Ford and General Motors applications.

Where to find a T56 Bellhousing

The internet can be a great marketplace to find and buy a T56 bellhousing if you are looking for affordability and variety. There are hundreds of online stores including eBay that sell T56 bell housing models at reduced prices compared to local automobile shops. In comparison to other online stores, eBay is one of the most reliable and reputable online stores from which you can purchase from as it has a proven track record and is used by millions of consumers from all over the world to make their purchases. You can find both new and used models on the net. In addition to Ebay there are many other online stores that stock and sell a variety of T56 bell housings. However, before making your purchase, make certain that the online store:

- Is reputable: It is important that the online store from which you are making your purchase from is reputable. This information can be obtained by reading some of the comments and feedbacks left by previous consumers.

- Offers return policy on sold goods. There are instances whereby the T56 bellhousing delivered is not the one you had initially ordered. To safeguard yourself against losses in such scenarios, it is important that the online store offers a return policy on the goods sold.

- Shipping charges: is the shipping cost included in the final sale price? Unknown to a number of consumers is that the shipping charges are usually excluded from the sales price. Moreover, the shipping charges will hinge on several factors such as destination and courier service used. Therefore, it is recommended that you confirm the shipping charges prior to making a decision on the online store from which to buy your T56 bell housing from.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have additional information, tips or corrections you would like to have us included regarding a T56 Bellhousing please post a comment.

Finding a T56 Transmission for Sale

T56 Transmission for Sale

By virtue of being on this page, chances are that you are searching for a T56 transmission for sale. If so, I want to share some information that can help you find a suitable transmission for your project. There are many different models available, including stock OEM versions, modified OEM versions and high performance and racing aftermarket T56 assemblies.

While the typical junkyard may be one option for finding the trans you need, try to only buy from a yard that will give you some guarantee, or at least offer so exchange transmissions if you have a problem with the one your purchase. When you buy from a junkyard you have no idea what the transmission has been put through and a lot of  of the T56 trans that you find have been run hard and many will have damage which will cause them not to shift smoothly.

Heavy Duty and Racing T56 Gearboxes for Sale

If you are looking for a 6 speed trans for serious high performance or racing use, then the Tremec T56 Magnum is one that you certainly will want to consider. If you find a T56 Magnum for sale you will notice a premium price, but they are well worth it. This model incorporates many features making it ideal for high performance use. The Magnum is one of the best 6 speed manual transmission systems currently in the market. The T56 Magnum makes use of the latest technology which enables it to accommodate engines producing in excess of 700 foot pounds of torque.

When looking for a T56 for sale another option is to use the internet to track down the trans you want. There are many shipping options today that are reasonable so if you find a great deal, or the exact trans you want using the net, chances are you can get it shipped to you for a reasonable price. The internet presents a much bigger market with more opportunities for you to find what you want, while at the same time forcing dealers to be competitive with each other price wise, which often results in lower prices the buyer.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful when trying to find a T56 gearbox for sale using the internet. While many of you will find this information old news, for our younger readers, or people just getting into using the internet this info will hopefully prove helpful.

Searching for a T56 Trans

Follow the below instructions below to search for a T56 trans for sale.

- Load your default web browser and type in the address bar the URL of a marketing leading search engine such as Bing.com or Google.com.

- In the search engine, type the keywords “T56 transmission for sale”. Then again, if you are looking for T56 Magnum to fit a specific car, for example, Mustang you can type the keywords “T56 Magnum for sale Mustang”. The same applies if you are located outside the United States. For instance, if you are working and residing in Canada, you can type the keywords “T56 Magnum for sale Canada.”

- Carefully review the results returned by the search engine to determine which websites look to be the most likely to be helpful to you

Two of the most preferred online stores when it comes to reliability and security are Amazon and eBay. Amazon not only stocks on T56 Magnum transmission, but also sells some of the T56 parts that you may need when installing the six speed transmission system in your car. Nonetheless, should you decide to buy the T56 Magnum from a different online store that you think will offer you great good discounts, you need to make sure that the dealer is reputable and will stand behind the products they sell you.

The following are some of the factors to take into consideration when thinking on an online store from which you can buy T56 transmission for sale:

- Warranty: Does the store offer warranty on the T56 Magnum transmission for sale? It is important that you look for an online vendor that offers warranty not only on the parts, but service. More than often, most online vendors are affiliated to a number of automobile repair shops where you can take your car for repairs in case the 6 speed transmission system has any flaws. When buying a new T56 trans a good online store is one which offers at least 90 day warranty on brand new products.

- Shipping: In addition to the sales price, you will have to incur additional costs to have the T56 gearbox system shipped to you. Look for an online store that offers minimal shipping charges and uses a reputable courier company to ship the trans.

- Reviews: What are other consumers saying about the T56 Magnum transmission purchased from the online store? Consumer reviews are important as it will enable you to know more about the products that were sold to them. Many times you can learn more about the gearbox you are looking at from the reviews left buy other buyers, than from the official details provided by the manufacturer.

Considering a Used T56 Transmission for Sale?

If you find that all of the brand new t56 transmissions you find for sale are out of your price range, then you can consider a used T56 transmission. There are good deals to be found on used T56 gearboxes, but you need to be even more careful about who you purchase from, in case you encounter a problem after receiving your trans.

In addition to buying a T56 transmission you will also want to see if the seller your purchase from offers other T56 accessories such as a service – rebuild manual, clutch, flywheel, shifter, bellhousing and hardware.

Best of luck with your search for a great deal on a T56 transmission for sale and I hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any suggestions on other info to include here, please feel free to share it.

Ford Mustang Manuals

T56 Transmission Gear Ratios

T56 Gear Ratios

If you are thinking of a T56 transmission swap, one thing to consider is that there have been several different T56 gear ratios used in various transmission models. There are different types of the T56 6 speed aftermarket transmission currently available , both new and used. The various models differ in some of the internal parts used, as well as there being several T56 ratios available.

changing t56 gear ratios

For example, the Tremec TR-6060 6 speed aftermarket manual transmission. This design has been derived from the popular Tremec T56 six speed trans. Whereas the 6 forward speed gears have all been synchronized, it is important to point out that the reverse speed gear functions by making use of a complete coordinated constant-mesh mechanism. The Tremec TR-6060 transmission makes use of detachable wear pads that are fitted on the shift forks. This transmission utilizes aluminum alloys on the main case, clutch housing as well as extension housing.

Available T56 Ratios and OEM Applications

Chevrolet Camaro SS 2012 model as well as Cadillac CTS-V models that were released between 2009 and 2010:

3.01 on the 1st gear, 2.07 on the 2nd gear, 1.43 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the fourth gear, 0,84 on the 5th gear and 0.57 on the 6th gear.

Ford Mustang Shelby models that were released in 2007:

2.97 on the 1st gear, 1.78 on the 2nd gear, 1.30 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 1.00 on the 5th gear and 0.80 on the 6th gear.

Dodge Challenger model that was released in 2009:

2.97 on the 1st gear, 2.10 on the 2nd gear, 1.46 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 0.74 on 5th gear and 0.50 on the 6th gear.

Dodge Viper

2.66 on the 1st gear, 1.78 on the 2nd gear, 1.30 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 0.74 on 5th gear and 0.50 on the 6th gear.

Dodge Viper 2013

2.26 on the 1st gear, 1.58 on the 2nd gear, 1.19 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 0.77 on 5th gear and 0.63 on the 6th gear.

Ford Falcon Ute and XR6 models that were released in 2008:

3.36 on the 1st gear, 2.07 on the 2nd gear, 1.35 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 0.71 on the 5th gear and 0.57 on the 6th gear.

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo and XR8:

2.98 on the 1st gear, 1.78 on the 2nd gear, 1.30 on the 3rd gear, 1.00 on the 4th gear, 0.71 on the 5th gear and 0.55 on the 6th gear.

From the information given above, it is easy to conclude that the T56 ratios differ from one car to another. One reason for this is that not all cars have the same engine characteristics. Therefore, before making a decision to install a T56 transmission, it is highly recommended that you consult a certified mechanic who can advise you on what to buy and modify so as to get the most out of the T56 transmission installed in your car. Getting advice from someone familiar with these transmissions can recommend which OEM trans may work best for you. This could be an original trans from a Mustang, Camaro or a T56 Magnum transmission. The torque spread produced by a Camaro engine will differ from that generated by a Mustang. hence, knowing what best suits your car will enable you to attain maximum performance without forcing your engine to work in a rpm range that it is not optimized for.

Additional T56 Transmission Gear Ratios and Applications

If you notice any errors here, or have other T-56 gear ratios that we should add please share the information with us so that we can post the information so it may help others with this great transmission.

Currently T56 transmissions are readily available from many sources, including junkyards, new car dealers, Ebay and many online performance parts dealers. In addition to the transmission itself, performance clutches, shifters, aftermarket bellhousings and more are all available to properly set up your T56 for street use, drag racing or road racing.