About T56 Transmission .Com

This website has been built to be a beneficial resource for people with an interest in the T56 manual transmission. In trying to find some info on the net about T56 transmissions, I kept coming up on websites that looked like they were written by someone with no knowledge about transmissions. I also found pages that were poorly written or made little sense at all.  I found sites that were supposed to be about the T-56,but had all kinds of other garbage on them, usually not even related to the subject at all. I finally decided to build my own site to try and help others who are fans of this magnificent 6 speed transmission.

I will do my best to update this site often and provide helpful information, tips, trans swap info and more.  There is a separate blog section set up and if there is enough demand a forum may included in this site.

A smooth shifting manual transmission is a pleasure to row through the gears with.  Performance vehicle enthusiast that drive stick shift equipped cars and trucks, get far more enjoyment out of their driving experience.  I hope to help more people learn the benefits and outright fun that comes from driving a T56 trans equipped high performance or racing vehicle.

The goal is to make this website a one stop solution for everything related to the T56 transmission. This will include everything from where to get the best deal on a brand new transmission, to rebuilding an older model, or performing a transmission swap into a vehicle that was never equipped with a T-56.

Thank you for dropping by, and please feel free to make suggestions on information you would like to see made available on this T56 transmission website.